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Broke Straight Boys Volume 3

  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Front DVD Cover
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Back DVD Cover
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Scenes 1
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Scenes 2
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Scenes 3
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Scenes 4
  • Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Scenes 5
Broke Straight Boys Volume 3
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Other Details

Models Starring in Broke Straight Boys Volume 3:
Tyler, Derek, Corey, Diesel, Jimmy, Preston, Kyler, Zakk, Logan, Cj, Jayce, Leon, Sean
David Adamson
Release Date:
August 2009
Run Time:
101 minutes
DVD Movie
English/ American
Straight, Hot American Boys, Amateur, First Time, Blowjob, Tattoos, Hairy, Jocks, Twinks, Bros, Cum Shot, Threeway, Threesome, Group Sex, Couch

Product Description

Broke Straight Boys Volume 3 - BlueMedia - Unbelievably Straight Playing For Cash

Broke Straight Boys is back with Tyler, Derek, Corey, Diesel, Jimmy, Preston, Kyler, Zakk, Logan, Cj, Jayce, Leon & Sean with 5 scenes of some of the hottest twinks sex, by some hot broke straight boys! These boys are very hot and very straight but most of all they are broke. Rather then lose their apartment, girlfriend, etc. they do sexual acts with other guys for some quick cash.




Corey, Derek & Tyler

I brought back Corey our designer/makeup artist from BrokeStraightGirls.com, because he wanted to do another shoot for us. He loves the straight boys and getting them to do things that they wouldn’t tell anyone else they tried. I decided to pair him up with Derek, who has been with us before. He has a girlfriend, who has not find out where all the extra money has been coming from. Now, Derek has done a solo shoot, his first oral experience with a guy, and looked at taking things a step further. We talked about him doing a strap on shoot with a girl. Corey said that he would line a girl up to do the shoot, but right before the shoot she bailed. In the hopes that we could still make something happened, I just figured that we would supplement the dildo for a real thing with some more money. When I brought up my proposal to Derek he was not having it, he even threatened to leave. I found it fascinating that he would let a girl bang him in the ass with a strap on, but that he wasn’t going for the real thing. Derek was very strapped for money and I knew that he needed to get himself out of a crunch, so if I just hit the right dollar amount that he had in his had in his head. We settled on him topping a guy instead of taking it for now. Once we settled on an amount I figured that we could bring in Tyler to do the shoot. I asked Derek what he spent his money on that he has made, and he said that he paid for Lasik surgery. To get started I had Derek strip down out of his clothes, and he was left standing there naked. Taking a seat on the couch, I told him to play with himself for a minute to get hard. I noticed that Derek still shaves his pubs, and that he has a tone body. While he was stroking I asked Corey if he wouldn’t mind helping Derek out with some head. Corey was excited at the chance, and so he stripped off his shirt and got down on his knees. Using his tongue, he licked Derek’s balls to get him turned on. Then, he took over control, and started to give head. It took no time for Derek’s cock to get hard as a rock, and about that time there was a knock at the door.



Diesel & Jimmy

Diesel started with us only really interested in doing solo work. From there, I slowly introduced him to doing more scenes with guys, and also him doing more interaction with the guys. Over time he started to not mind it as much and kept in open-mind that was to the point of taking a dick in his ass. I would ask and we would talk about it every so often, but the conversation always lead to a “not now” or a “I will think about it.” Well, I finally told him that members were really wanted him to try it for the first time even just to see if he would like it. In long talks he had concerns about the pain, the cleanliness of it, and for the fact he only did the scenes with guys because he wanted to get a check and go home to his girlfriend. The talks started to sound hopeful, and I actually ended up giving him a couple of butt plugs to try to get him to practice. We decided on a day, and I asked him who the model was that he wanted to top him. Diesel’s final decision was Jimmy, a guy that he had done an oral scene with a while back. The day of the shoot both guys showed up at the studio, and Diesel seemed really freaked out and nervous. I set aside ample time to do the shoot, knowing that Diesel was going to need lots of time to relax. The two guys took a seat on the couch, we talked very briefly about how things would go for the shoot, and then I started filming. As you watch the shoot, I believe that Diesel’s domineer speaks for itself. We talked about how this was a long time in the works, and that I was just going to let them do their own thing while I filmed. With that being said the two of them turned their heads towards one another and leaned in. Lightly their lips touched one another’s, and their tongues worked their way into the kissing as well. The kissing worked its way up to being more passionate. Diesel and Jimmy paused for a moment to take off their shirts, but continued touching one another as they got undressed.



Zakk, Kyler, Preston

I was getting ready to shoot my last scene in the old studio, before we completely get moved in and started at the new location. In preparing to do my last shoot, I wanted to go out with a bang, so in picking the guys that would give me some hot interaction that was going to make a shoot for the record books. I decided to put Kyler and Zakk together again, because so far their scenes have been very good that I wanted things to go to the next level. Adding to the duo team, I called in Preston who has been doing very well in the shoots and has been opening up to trying more and more with guys. All three of them were setup to come into the studio later on in the week. That day I had most everything packed up and ready to go, so really I was just waiting on the boys to show up. When everyone was there I had them pack into the shoot room on the old futon, since I hadn’t had time to replace the one that Preston broke. All three boys knew to be prepared for anal and that I wanted the best show they could give me. The plan was that they each were going to make $1500 a piece, and I didn’t care what they did, and if they were straight, gay, or bi. Actually, I could tell that they were just as excited for this shoot as I was, but they like the idea of total control over what happens. The first thing I had them do was strip out of their clothes, and all the guys stood up in front of the couch and started with peeling off their shirts. After that their shorts came off, and all the guys had on some kind of boxers. Each of them was in very good shape, with nice abs, tone chests, and smooth skin. I didn’t have to tell them, the guys just went for their boxers and took a seat on the couch covering up their packages.



Tyler, Logan & Cj

To do something a little exciting I invited three of our famous models back to do another shoot and this time it was going to be an anal three way scene. The plan was that CJ was going to bottom, and Logan was going to finally give it up and try bottoming for the first time along with topping in the scene as well. Then, there was Tyler sitting on the end of the couch and he was just going to do whatever we needed in the shoot. We talked about how Tyler still looked the same and had not spent any time outside getting some sun. Also talked about him spending his time in the broke straight boys forum chatting with the members, and he wanted to make it clear that it really is him replying to posts. This shoot was another part of our charity event where we planned on auctioning off the salmon colored sheet after all the boys busted a nut on it. Then, to top it off, they were going to sign the sheet close to their load and as an added bonus the boys were also going to autograph a photo. CJ and Logan were going to give away their underwear from the shoot as well. Going over the pay, because let’s face it that was what the boys are after when they come to the studio. Logan was going to make more than the other two, because this was his first time receiving anal. I asked Tyler if they had decided who was doing what in the shoot when I was out grabbing another tape to film with, and Tyler was going to fuck Logan, and then the two of them were going to tag team CJ’s ass. I had the guys stand to strip off their shirts, and took a notice to Tyler’s hard work in the gym. He spun from side to side to show off the abs, and then I made sure to show the other two guys as well. Dropping their shorts, they were left standing in their underwear, and I told them to take a seat on the couch. Playing with their cocks all of them were working on getting hard. I asked if they were going to do any oral and they looked at me like they wanted direction. It was Logan who started to take off his underwear first, and he leaned over and started to suck on CJ’s cock first. Tyler didn’t want to just sit there so he started to give head to Logan. All three of them were busy and I could hear all the saliva in Logan’s mouth that he was using to suck on CJ’s cock.



Jayce, Leon & Sean

Sitting in front of me was Sean, Jayce, and Leon all ready to begin a shoot. All the guys knew that they were going to be doing an anal scene together. Both Sean and Jayce had already done an oral scene together. I told Sean that he has always had to bottom in the shoots, and so this time I was going to allow him to top. That meant that either Jayce or Leon was going to have to take one for the team. As for Leon, since he was going to be the little oral boy in the shoot, I told him I would give him $500, however if he did a really good job he could walk away with $600. Jayce said that he didn’t really care for anal, but I asked him what it would cost for him to try it. His response was that he wanted $4000 and I told that he was dreaming. He was going to need to give me a reasonable number, and that’s when he came up with $2000, which I said that I would do. Then, Sean said that he would top for $800, and even with Sean being straight I think he was just excited to get to top for a change. Since we had everything settled it was time to get the boys undressed. Standing up to take off their clothes, all of them stripped off their shirts, and I was reminded that Jayce was 6′1″ and Sean was our shortest at 5′5″. Kicking off their shoes, and peeling off the socks, the guys went for the pants as well. Taking a seat in their underwear side by side, and I was going to put some porn on for them to watch. In a unanimous decision, they wanted to see straight porn, so as I was getting that on for them, they stroked their dicks. After about a minute or so, I had them drop their drawers. I pointed out to Leon that Jayce likes to have his nipples played with, licked, sucked. I turned to Jayce and told him that Sean’s dick needed sucked, so that he could get hard to fuck him. Of course, Jayce tried to back out of having to do it, but I told him that for $2000 he was going to suck some dick. He laughed turned to his right and put that cock right in his mouth. While he worked on getting it hard, I turned to Leon and told him that he was going to have to get in there and help out, he asked how and I told him to come around to the other side. Sean’s dick was big enough for two mouths to fit on it, so the boys took turns sucking on it, and Sean reached over and jerked Jayce off while he was getting head. Sean paused to ask when he was going to get to have any fun, and that’s when I told him that he could just stand up. When he did his boner was bouncing in front of Sean’s face ready to be sucked. Sean was happy to return the oral, and I looked over and Jayce on his way down to suck Sean’s dick some more. They were getting better about interacting without being told. Leon grabbed Sean by the hair and directed him on the speed to suck, and in watching just those two interacting was hot.

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