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  • Showoff - CWV-S - Cody's World Video - Front DVD Cover
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Models Starring In Showoff :
Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Release Date:
Run Time:
68 Minutes
DVD Video
Jerk Off, Sucking, Fucking, Blowjob, Masturbation, Uncut, Handjob, Jock, Hot European Jock, Twink, Big Dicks, Cum Dripping, Cum Shot, First Time

Product Description

Showoff - CWV-S - Cody's World Video - Hot European Boys Spray Their Spunk On Camera 

While this film was made in Europe, it was mastered in NTSC format so does not suffer from any PAL conversion loss. It's very clear and very hot! Various hot scenes with hot euro-hunks with hot muscular bodies & cute smiles. We see them standing, kneeling, & finally lying down as their big cocks shoot big loads. We leave them spent, but still hard.

Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Radim and Karil


Karil, a very good-looking and muscular stud, seems very comfortable in bed under his warm comforter, when he is abruptly awakened by Radim, his cute and horny twink buddy. These Euro buddies kiss and caress each other with obvious familiarity, care, and affection. Karil gently unbuckles Radim’s belt, kissing his smooth chest. The encounter stays relaxed and playful, even as it becomes more and more erotic: the kissing and caressing become more and more passionate and affectionate. After they tug off each other’s underwear, Radim sucks Karil’s cock briefly, before the lovers turn head-to-head on their sides and slide into a very comfortable 69. When they shift into a top/bottom 69, it comes as a mild surprise that the horny twink, Radim, has a noticeably bigger dick, which Karil obviously respects. If the surprise remains mild, it’s partly because the scene began with a helpful sub-title: “Twink Tops Muscle Stud Mate.” The muscle stud mate, Karil, lubricates his ass, with encouragement from the twink, who is preparing to top by stretching a condom over his formidable twink tool. Our skinny twink boy, Radim, knows how to fuck, and our muscle stud knows how to take it. With Karil on all fours, Radim mounts him from behind. His smooth and boyish ass propels a surprisingly powerful fuck. Radim’s ass is awesome and is shown off to good effect as Radim assumes a classic top pose: left hand firmly holding Karil down on all fours, right hand planted jauntily on his own hip. Lots of heavy breathing confirms that Karil loves being topped by this twink. The camera zooms in on Radim’s heavy balls slapping Karil’s muscular ass. Then these horny friends roll over on to their sides without missing a beat. From this angle, it’s easy to see just how much bigger Radim’s cock and balls really are than his muscle stud bottom’s. The pair rolls again, this time into a more classic missionary position, again without missing a beat; Radim’s heavy balls continue to bang against Karil’s hairy ass. Radim suddenly strips off his condom and drops a gooey, goopy load all over Karil’s muscular abs. Radim then cleans up his own twinky mess, with his tongue, thoroughly. The session ends without the impressively topped Karil busting his nut.


Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil


Bryan shows off his smooth, lean, and defined torso, posing with his hand tucked inside his jeans. He has shaggy hair, a wide and winning smile, and, we soon learn, sensitive nipples. After tugging off his sneakers and jeans, Bryan sensuously and slowly removes both socks with one finger, taking time to drag each sock erotically across his body. You don’t have to have a fetish for feet or socks to find this arousing. With his now naked feet propped up against the wall, Bryan works up his boner, with his hand inside his blue stretch briefs. When he sensuously removes his briefs, massive balls roll into view, along with a still pretty soft, but promising and uncut cock. If Bryan seems to have a little trouble getting hard, it’s fun to watch him at work and definitely worth whatever patience the wait requires. His cock is not particularly notable for its length, but is unusually wide at the base and anchored by truly beautiful, bouncy, and big balls. The camera offers us some good angles as Bryan stretches out on his back for the home stretch, breathing very heavily. Bryan sprinkles a smallish load of glistening cum into his bush, relaxing with a satisfied (and satisfying) smile. After fingering his very sensitive and wet cock for a bit, Bryan heads off to the shower to clean up, still semi-hard. In the shower we notice, if we missed it earlier, that this sweet and sexy boy has perfect skin.


Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil


More aggressively outgoing than Bryan, Jamie flirts outrageously with the camera throughout his solo. With the words “Want Me?” on the screen, Jamie struts for the camera, rubbing himself all over through his denim jacket and jeans. He rubs his chest through his shirt and jacket. He rubs his crotch through his jeans. And, most of all, he rubs his ass through his jeans. This cocky showoff knows that he has a great ass and he uses it. Jamie looks sexier fully clothed than many guys look naked, and he knows it, flicking his tongue at the camera. After a little shadow kick boxing, Jamie stands on a table and, with lots of attitude, tosses off his denim jacket. He continues to caress himself, and continues to give special attention to his ass. He unbuckles, unzips, and slides his hand into his Euro briefs. He strips off his shirt, fingers his nipples, and licks his armpits. He never lets us forget that he’s proud of his ass. When Jamie has stripped down to briefs and white socks, he sprawls on the table, showing off his growing bulge, which he is not shy about rubbing. Naked at last, Jamie stands on the table, shows off his perfect ass, and gets serious about showing some real wood. Licking and rubbing himself wherever he can reach, Jamie always finds himself returning to his ass, caressing the smooth ass cheeks, fingering the hairy ass crack. He drops a heavy wad of spit on his dick for lubrication. This expert lube job sends Jamie over the edge. Backhanding his by now very solid piece of wood, Jamie spews his thick wad of cum. The camera likes it and shows us Jamie’s spewing spooge three times.


Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil
Cody's World Video SHOWOFF, , Mike, Jamie, Bryan, Radim, Karil


Mike - “Cute, Cheeky, Confident.” These words are helpfully plastered across the screen when we meet Mike, just in case his cuteness, cheekiness, and confidence are not obvious to you. Dressed in jeans and a sleeveless black T-shirt emblazoned with the Union Jack, Mike sits on chair and rubs himself. He speaks enough English to explain that he plans to beat off “or maybe something more. . . if you like.” You’ll like. Mike is a smooth little twink who loves to rub himself. Under his jeans, he wears a black vinyl jock strap, presumably not for protection or even for comfort, but rather because it nicely accents his perfectly smooth and round little butt. Tossing aside his jeans and socks, Mike becomes increasingly flirtatious, in his appealing twinky way. “Now we will see something,” he announces, just before unveiling a man-size uncut cock and a heavy bag of balls. After he plays with it for a while, Mike’s twink cock gets very fat and very solid. We get to look up from the floor at this fleshy boy-man cock. Under the admiring gaze of the camera and with Mike’s patient attention, his cock keeps growing and growing. Somewhat unexpectedly, Mike stands up and goes face-to-face and cock-to-cock with his own image in a full-length mirror. (“Cute.”) As Mike admires himself, we get to admire twin twinks. (“Cheeky.”) After spewing his twinky cream on the mirror, Mike drops to his knees to play with his own mess and to kiss himself. (“Confident.”) Then he cleans up. Show’s over.

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