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So Blond It Hurts DVD

  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Front DVD Cover
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Back DVD Cover
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
  • So Blond It Hurts - Jet Set Men - Screen Shot
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So Blond It Hurts DVD
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Other Details

Models Starring In So Blond It Hurts:
Landon Mycles, Hayden Stephens, Adam Campbell, Dakota Rivers, Tommy G., Jason Adonis, Josh Griffin, James Gates, Chad Manning, Spencer Whitman
Run Time:
90 Minutes
Release Date:
DVD Movie
Hot American Jocks, 9 XXX Hardcore Fucking Scenes, 10 Hot Men, High Quality Production, Shot In HD

Product Description


So Blond It Hurts DVD Movie - Jet Set Men

So Blond It Hurts is the ultimate "Must Have" DVD Movie for fans of Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles.  This movie features the best scenes of Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles including his first time to ever bottom!

Starring 10 Hot Men in 9 XXX Hardcore Sex Scenes.  Being blond never hurt so bad.

Scene 1 - Landon Mycles & Dildo

The HOTTEST young guy to burst on to the gay porn scene this year makes his Jet Set Men debut here on Straight Edge. You might have known him as 'Freshman of the Year' candidate Marcus Mojo or seen him on an amateur website before, but you've never seen him like this! With a dildo shoved up his beautiful blond butthole! 


Jock Spencer is stripping down in a locker room when Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles enters to undress, down to his jock strap. Spencer’s been eying Landon’s hot ass, so when Landon straddles a bench and lies down, exposing his butt hole to view, Spencer goes for it, licking and fingering it. He works two fingers in and around, and eats out Landon’s hole as he moans in ecstasy. Both guys drop what little clothes they still have on, and, as Spencer lies back on the bench, Landon jumps on his big dick to go down on it, sucking his big uncut cock to the point of choking on it. There are repeated shots of Landon’s hole thrust out, just begging to be fucked. Then Landon slides forward to settle his ass on Spencer’s face, which he happily eats while he stroking his own dick. Landon next straddles the bench and lies forward, so that Spencer can slide his big cock up his ass and fuck him. Landon, his leg in the air, loves it. “Faster, faster,” he orders, and Spencer obeys, his dick getting bigger and bigger. Then Landon squats down over the bench to allow Spencer to pound him all the harder. Finally Landon sits on Spencer’s face again, as both guys jack off. Spencer shoots, and then Landon spews a fountain down Spencer’s chest.

Scene 3 - Landon Mycles & Tommy G.

In this flashback to Levi’s high school hockey days, the two jocks are discovered in the locker room. Landon Mycles comes on to Levi sucking on his nipples, and Levi drops his shorts. Landon immediately goes down and deep throats his giant cock. It just gets bigger and bigger as he works on it. Levi grabs Landon’s head and pushes it down on his cock for a long sucking session, fucking his mouth and throat. They kiss and then, after Landon drops his shorts, sit side by side on the bench to jack off. Landon goes back down on Levi, his hot asshole to the camera, and sucks some more, saliva dripping from his mouth. “Can’t wait to fuck that ass,” Levi says as he goes down for a while on Landon. As he sucks, he works some spit and a finger into Landon’s butt hole to finger fuck him open at the same time. Tommy turns around, straddling the bench, and Levi fucks him from behind, his big dick easily moving in and out of Landon’s ass. They fuck for a long time in this position, and then Landon goes over on his back on the bench, so the camera can see Levi’s big dick pounding in and out. Landon at long last shoots while being fucked, and Levi pulls out and leans back on Landon to do the same.


At the top of the scene, two muscular bodies, naked except for shorts, are revealed standing motionless on a photographer’s seamless roll. The camera pans back and forth over their hard pecs and down their muscular bodies. It finally reveals their faces, and Jason and Landon come together to kiss. They open their mouths and go for deep tongue action. And then Landon slowly engages Jason, already showing an erection in his shorts, in foreplay. He slowly licks each of his nipples, one at a time, kisses his biceps, abs and nipples again. They kiss some more. Then Jason licks Landon’s neck, down to his nipples and then from his waist, up his abs to his mouth. His exceptionally long tongue goes to work once more on Landon’s nipples. Landon then licks down to Jason’s crotch, working his hard cock through his shorts, which he slowly pulls down. Jason’s cock pops out and up, and Landon licks his big balls, his crotch area, and the head of his dick. Finally he goes down on the whole cock, making it grow and harden even more as he does so. After they kiss some more, Jason now goes down on Landon, who’s shorts have disappeared. Landon bends over to suck some more on Jason, as Jason massages and squeezes Landon’s butt in hot anticipation of fucking his hole. A thigh-high leather-upholstered platform is suddenly revealed mid-stage. Landon bends over it and holds on to the edges, knowing full-well what Jason can’t wait for. Jason enters him from the rear, slowing inserting his raging hard-on. He moves in an out slowly at first and then increases his speed. Moans from Landon provide him with all the encouragement he needs to push in more and fuck him all the harder. Landon finally flips over on his back, so that Jason can pound him even deeper. When he can’t hold it any longer, Jason pulls out and shoots his load over Landon. Then Landon pops his own creamy jizz on top of Jason’s, and they kiss some more.

Scene 5 - Hayden Stephens and Landon Mycles

Equally horny repo man Hayden Stephens gets his turn with blonde and blue eyed Landon Mycles, who’s confused about the location of his car but not at all confused when Stephens’ big, fat cock flops out of his overalls. He swallows him whole against a tow truck, and later inside the garage, Mycles again shows Stephens his incredible talent at deep throating the massive cock. Then he rolls over and begs Stephens to plow his hot ass as hard as he can, ending in dual spray of cum—and finding the location of his car. 


Ever wonder what happens when the two hottest guys in the gym—here, Jet Set Exclusive (and total hottie) Landon Mycles and our ever-studly Coverman Dakota Rivers--suddenly disappear at the same time into the locker room? Maybe, just maybe, it would be a fantasy come true—they’d eye each other, chat briefly, kiss and then devour one another just like you imagined. If only you could watch. Now you can!

Scene 7 - Adam Campbell & Landon Mycles

Waiting sucks (in this case, literally). With nothing on but towels and nothing to text with, bored blue eyed muscle boys Landon and Adam figure a way to pass the time before their physicals by getting physical with each other, trading blow for blow and ending with Adam pounding Landon's muscular end before they both bust it. Beats texting any day.


Josh is in his office talking to himself. “It’s my gym. I’m entitled to fuck around once in a while.” Landon Mycles comes into the locker room from working out. He strips to his jock, rubbing his sore muscles. He pulls his cock out and starts to stroke it. That’s all Josh needs to see. Landon has a nice dick and a perfect fucking ass! It’s near closing time, so Josh takes advantage of the situation. He slips into the locker room, strips off his shirt and focuses on Landon jacking off on the bench. Josh drops his shorts and joins him to suck his dick. Landon lies back to really get into it and enjoy the action. After a time, Landon says to Josh, “I want you to fuck me.” Sounds good to Josh, so he pushes Landon’s legs in the air and spits into his ass to tongue it. Landon’s got an especially inviting hot hole that Josh next slips a finger into, and then his tongue again. Landon sits up to give Josh’s hard dick a workout. He goes as far down on Josh’s shaft as possible, sucking and licking it enthusiastically. Landon then kneels on the bench and spreads his ass wide for Josh who moves in doggie-style and pounds it. Landon is a perfect bottom who loves every fucking thrust, moaning all the way, “Yeah, yeah, yeah – oh yeah!” He then lies back to take it “missionary” from the front, with Josh standing on the floor and ramming him hard and jacking him off as he shoves it in. “Fuck me faster. It feels so fucking good!” They finally kiss and stroke their dicks until Josh, and then Landon, shoots his load. It looks like Josh has the best of both worlds, a money-making sex scene and way to check it all out.


Chad is at the sex club again, stripped to the waist, with his big hard dick thrust through a hole. James is also naked to the waist and going down on Chad’s thick veiny cock on the other side of the wall. Chad’s loving getting James’ enthusiastic blowjob. Before long Landon Mycles, also stripped to the waist, joins James at the hole, offering him his already hard dick to suck on as well as Chad’s. And for a time, James works on them both, back and forth. Landon has had enough of just being a voyeur and drops to his knees to help James work on Chad’s thick dick. Chad gives up on the hole and comes around front to get his cock sucked in person. Landon and James both takes turns on him, but he really wants some butt. “Let’s see those asses,” he says to his cocksuckers, and they all get rid of their clothes and head over to a nearby table. Landon and James kneel up on it, butts stuck out for Chad’s inspection. He works them both over with his fingers and tongue, going greedily back and forth between their hot asses for more and more action. He dives deep into Landon’s cheeks, burying his face in his crack. Then he moves to James and gives him the same treatment. Landon is first to take a fat dildo and then James a second one. They all finish standing together, three muscular hunks pounding their dicks. James lets his load loose first, then Landon and finally Chad.

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